SECURITY: CFN Fleetwide Provides the Best Fraud Protection in the industry.

Did you know? 
CFN is the first card purveyor in the industry to establish fraud protection for fleets! That's right - as a CFN Fleetwide customer you are protected against fraud in a number of ways. 
This benefit provides:

  • Network-wide protection against fraudulent transactions
  • Ongoing safeguards against losses due to fraudulent activity
  • Protection from card skimming and malicious software attacks
  • Fraud protection alerts when suspicious card activity is detected

Fraud Protection is one of the many advantages afforded to you as a CFN Fleetwide cardholder. This unique benefit is another example of why the Eljay CFN Fleetwide card is the clear choice for business owners and fleet managers across the U.S. and Canada.

CONTROL: Customize Your Fueling Requirements
Eljay Oil FleetWide allows you to set profiles for your individual drivers, departments or your entire fleet. Setting up fueling times, gallonage limits and product controls gives you a handle on fuel consumption.

>  Personalized Profiles for your individual drivers,
    departments or your entire fleet
>  Per Day Transaction Limits
>  Gallon Limits Per Transactions
>  Time of Day and Day of Week Fueling Controls
>  Product Control at all cardlock locations
>  Floating Driver ID for one card convenience
>  Ability to create your own Custom Driver ID
>  E-Receipt for Added Security, Tracking and Email 
    Verification of Fuel Purchases
>  Exception Reporting by Card and/or Account


CONVENIENCE: Eljay Oil FleetWide Fuel Management – CFN Fleet!
With Eljay Oil FleetWide you have 24/7 access to your account information from anywhere via the Internet .

>  Update Your Personal Fueling Profile
>  Track Vital Card and Account Information
>  View Your Transactions and Authorizations
>  Validate and Invalidate Cards
>  Custom Reports of Fuel Usage
>  Download Fuel Transaction




 Eljay Oil FleetWide is the Choice Card...
which gives you choices!



Click to download a Fleetwide application.

Accepted at all CFN and Fuelman accepting sites,
as well as the following brands.






Bulk Fuels, Lubricants & DEF

Randy Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185



CFN Fleet Fuel Card Program, Accounts Receivable, Billing

Jeff Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185



Lubricant & DEF Sales

Doug Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185



Dispatch/Lubricant & DEF Sales

Pat Sine

Phone: 509 926-9595

toll free: 800 426 6185