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Chevron® - Driving Engine Performance

cgl_family_brands.gifChevron®, Texaco® and Caltex® fuels contain our Techron® additive, which cleans the engine and helps deliver lower emissions and better performance.

Eljay Oil is your Spokane Chevron/Texaco Distributor of Commercial and Diesel Fuels, with the fuel additive Techroline®, utilizing the superior technology of Chevron Techron®, which gives your engine superior fuel performance by cleaning your entire engine as it runs. Eljay is also your leading Spokane on-site Fueling Service and your Spokane Bulk Fuel experts, as well. Whatever, your needs for Fuel Delivery in Spokane, Eljay Oil is the one to call.    


Make no mistake; all gasoline is not the same. By enjoying the benefits of a cleaner engine with lower emissions and higher performance, cars love the Chevron family of fuels with Techron, and so should you.

Helps Protect Original Engine Performance
img_techron_pump.jpgExcessive deposits that can result from the use of lower quality gasolines can interfere with the amount of air and fuel your engine requires for optimal performance. This can cause hesitation, lower fuel economy and reduced power under certain driving conditions, especially under heavy acceleration when you need power the most.

All Chevron branded gasolines contain the unique Techron additive. Techron contains a polyether amine (PEA)-based chemistry designed to protect your engine's vital engine parts from harmful buildup, helping to protect your car's original engine performance and fuel economy.

Exceeds EPA Detergent Requirements
Modern engines are designed to run their best when vital engine parts are kept clean. Fuel injector and intake valve deposits from lower quality gasolines can result in lower fuel economy and increased tailpipe emissions. Some gasolines can cause excessive buildup of harmful deposits in the combustion chamber. Combustion chamber deposits can give rise to higher emissions, and can cause an engine to require a higher octane fuel to avoid knocking or loss of power.

All Chevron branded gasolines contain the unique Techron additive. Techron contains a polyether amine (PEA)-based chemistry designed to keep vital engine parts cleaner than lower quality competitors, helping reduce the amount of tailpipe emissions. It all adds up to a cleaner and happier car.

More Than 30 Years of Cleaning Power

Is your car as clean on the inside as the outside? If you've been using lower quality gasoline, it could be dirtier than you think.

While lower quality gasolines can dirty up your engine, all Chevron branded gasolines contain the unique Techron additive. Techron uses a polyether amine (PEA)-based chemistry to help clean up your engine and keep it clean. With more than 30 years of lab and field-tested research and development, Chevron with Techron is unbeatable at cleaning and protecting vital engine parts.

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Chevron Diesel

Chevron's Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel meets federal and state fuel regulations and can be used in all cars that run on traditional diesel fuel, including next-generation ultra-clean diesel engines.
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With Techron D®

Caltex Diesel with Techron D fuel contains an exclusive Techron D additive to control deposits, help keep fuel injectors clean and enable optimum engine performance.
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Eljay Oil Selected as 2013 Coeur d'Alene Diamond Cup fuel supplier  

Hey Everyone - Eljay Oil is honored to have been chosen as the Commercial Fuel Supplier for the 2013 Coeur d'Alene Diamond Cup Hydros[www.diamondcuprace.com] on Labor Day Weekend - It was a fantastic event. If you'd like to see photos, check out our Facebook page: click here



Techron® performs like no other fuel additve
on the planet!


Techron® D delivers more power! 



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