Who is Eljay? 

The Premier Marketer of Chevron Lubricants in the Inland Northwest and CFN FleetWide Fueling Network!

Chevron Lubrication Specialists
“If you use equipment that requires fuels or lubrication, let's talk.”


We're your Chevron 1st Source Marketer your single source distributor of Chevron Petroleum products. Whatever business you're in, we have a range of high-quality Chevron lubricants for every application. Chevron offers proven high performance that stands up to the most demanding conditions and helps you get the most out of your equipment. And we back up these products with other important services such as oil analysis, inventory management, product selection, on-site, wet hose and much more. 

Our central location allows us to serve all your needs, large or small. Our mission has always been to provide quality products and services at very competitive prices.

With our technical expertise, Chevron products, and dedicated service, we can cut your operating costs, minimize downtime, extend the life of your equipment, and keep your entire operation running better than ever. You can count on us.



Premier CFN Fueling Network Provider
“CFN is more than just a fueling network. It's a network of people and service."

As a Member of CFN, Eljay Oil provides our customers with fleet fueling at over 40,000 locations nation wide, including CFN’s latest product: FleetWide which provides a fuel management system that offers online access to account information and management, along with security controls and fueling features. CFN offers the flexibility of both cardlock and retail locations and supports multiple hardware and software vendors for an easy and cost effective transition. The entire CFN Network is designed to simplfy your fueling needs while giving you the controsl and security to truly manage the fueling aspect of your business.

Our History
Founded in 1959 by L.J. "Lee" Folkins, Eljay Oil started in the farm communities of south Spokane County and soon expanded into the Coeur d'Alene, Idaho area, serving the construction, farming, logging, and tourist businesses of Northern Kootenai County. In 1962, Spokane became our home base. Since the '50s, Eljay has enjoyed serving all sizes of businesses, from very small to very large, in the states of Washington and Idaho.


Over the years, Lee Folkins has been joined by his three sons, Randy, Doug, and Jeff. The four co-owners have led Eljay Oil to become one of Chevron's outstanding award-winning jobbers.


We look forward to the opportunity of providing all our customers with world class service.





Bulk Fuels, Lubricants & DEF

Randy Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185

email:  randy@eljayoil.com


CFN Fleet Fuel Card Program, Accounts Receivable, Billing

Jeff Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185

email:  jeff@eljayoil.com


Lubricant & DEF Sales

Doug Folkins

phone:  509.926.9595

toll free:  800.426.6185

email:  doug@eljayoil.com


Dispatch/Lubricant & DEF Sales

Pat Sine

Phone: 509 926-9595

toll free: 800 426 6185

email: pat@eljayoil.com